My lab focuses on two topics: 1) cryo-electron tomography (cryo-ET), and 2) its application in in-situ structural biology, especially in emerging enveloped viruses. Our understandings of cryo-ET and its applications in virology are summarized in our reviews:

(1) Ye Hong#; Yutong Song#; Zheyuan Zhang; Sai Li; Cryo-electron tomography: the resolution revolution and a surge of in situ virological discoveries, Annual Review of Biophysics, 2023, 52(1):14.1–14.22;

(2) Sai Li: Cryo-electron tomography of enveloped viruses. Trends in Biochemical Sciences, 02/2022; 47(2)173-186.

We have also written two articles in plain scientific language on both topics: the cryo-ET was introduced on “Fanpu (返朴)”, and the enveloped viruses on “Zhishifenzi (知识分子)”.