Haifan Zhao

Postdoctoral Assistant




Sept 2014 - Jun 2018       Northwest University                                             Bachelor

Sept 2018 - Jun 2023       University of Science and Technology of China       Ph.D.


Aug 2023 – present         Tsinghua University                            Postdoctoral Assistant

Scholarship and Awards

Nov 2023                          Advanced Innovation Fellow (FRCBS)


2. Haifan Zhao#; Liang Meng#; Zhi Geng; Zengqiang Gao; Yu-Hui Dong*; Haiwei Wang*; Heng Zhang*; Allosteric regulation of Senecavirus A 3Cpro proteolytic activity by an endogenous phospholipid, PLoS Pathog, 2023, 19(5): e1011411; DOI: 10.1371/journal.ppat.1011411

1. Haifan Zhao; Heng Zhang; Zhun She; Zengqiang Gao; Qi Wang; Zhi Geng*; Yuhui Dong*; Exploring AlphaFold2′s performance on predicting amino acid side-chain conformations and its utility in crystal structure determination of B318L protein, International Journal of Molecular Sciences , 2023, 24(3): 2740; DOI: 10.3390/ijms24032740